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Grew: the joys and perils of gardening

I look forward to every spring and the planting of my summer garden.  Gardening runs through my veins – one of my earliest memories is playing in the dirt of one of the many square foot gardens my dad has built over the years.  My uncle has a garden that’s almost an acre, which is an incredible space to have.  A few years ago I traced a watermelon vine almost 30 feet – I doubt I’ll ever have the space to let a watermelon patch develop like that, but you never know when I might decide to till my yard under.  Virtually all the family stories I hear involve someone running through a garden, working in a garden, or eating from a garden.  I can’t remember a summer that’s gone by without having grown something, even if it might have been a few pots of herbs.  Gardening has been one of the greatest ways to build my observation skills, to know when to water, when to cut, when to pick, and to know when there are circumstances beyond your control.

I had to leave my garden for a span of several days last week, knowing that there was a zucchini that was a few days away from needing to be picked.  Despite urging my neighbor to pick it, I returned to find the zucchini grown well past a palatable proportion.

That, my friends, is a three pound zucchini in the middle.  Although I was tempted to utilize it as a club to intimidate the wildlife that like to share in the bounty, I accept that one of the perils of gardening is that what is grown must be used – a “next zucchini” cannot be guaranteed, and I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t make use of it.  I sought some advice on what to do with such a monster squash, ranging from zucchini bread, to stuffing it, to latkes.  I have some ideas, and I’ll be sharing the stuff that I make with this accidental giant with you.